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10/24/2004 Entry: "I'm Not Marble"

mood: Content satisfied
music: Moby - 'Novio'

Analysis of my Scarlett Johansen collage: Not Marble (read more)

Not Marble

The art: collage - 755x520

History: I wanted to do something not so much of my own style. And as I had also wanted for along time to do something pretty of those amazing Scarlett pics. I set to work. The piece was sort of evolvement/accident case as I didn't have really any idea what kind of collage I would do when I started working on it.

Special blendmodes: Overlay for pink stock image to give rosy marmory feel and color. Overlay for motion blurred pic
Brushes: None
Filters: Motion blur for combined scarlett pics.
Fonts: Myriad Pro
Images: Blood stock image from sxc.hu, Scarlett pics from last-beautiful-girl.com, pink rose looking texture and grey hairy dirt pics from stock.reh3.com, and don't remember where I got the broken glass pic.
Words: My own

Thoughts: Well it turned out quite pretty. However, I'm not very pleased to it as I think it looks a lot like many other people's pieces although blood and glass pieces make it look more like my own. But still unconscious copying in it annoys me.