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10/17/2004 Entry: "Sin is fun."

mood: Apathetic plain
music: Alexandra Slate - Bad Girl

I'm going through really busy period in uni so I haven't had time for a long time to do anything new, also it doesn't help that I have no inspiration whatsoever do anything with photoshop. Fanart block and uni are evil.

Some analyses of few old works:

Forbidden Pleasure (read more)

Golden Girl (read more)

Forbidden Pleasure

The art: wallpaper - 1024x768

History: Mischa's eary fairytale type of photoshoot totally inspired this.

Special blend modes: Color burn for blood red solid color creates striking redness, soft light for light adding stock photos
Brushes: my own star brushes
Filters: motion blur for light stock pohoto, several filters to smooth and lightenup ben pic
Font: Myriad
Lyrics: Def Lepard - Ring of Fire

Thoughts: I'm sucker for cliched symbolism like apple for sin and sex. Also notice how posessed Marissa is. Ryan might got some serious rough&tumble.

Golden Girl

The art: wallpaper -1024x768

History: I have always wanted to try out make person's skin look like gold. And when I bumped to base body pic the vintage type of setting and positioning of it just cried for goldening. Charisma's body is very much like base body, plus She has appeared nude in magazinea (so nobody should be offended that I manipulated her head to naked body) so she was perfect for manipulation.

Special blend modes: 1) Grainy slightly goldsih color texture layer set to color (color palette for that layer:#F7F0E2, #F1E4C8, #EEDDBA, #EFDFBE, #F0E1C2, #D6C5A2, #E2D2AE, #D2C29E). 2) Goldening with solid color (#63502D) layer set to overlay. 3) Gaussian blurred layer of the whole set to overlay with 62 opacity to add dreamish effect and more gold. 4) Final touch for goldening with goldish gradient (#C7A33A - #FBEEB7) first set to color and then to multiply.
Brushes: none
Filters: Dodge, smudge brushes, Xero's Tweaker for lightning and skin smoothing, Sepia and noise for gold color layer, Edge preserving smooth with high number to get painting type of look, Xero's simplicity to add clearer outlines (layer set to multiply with 37 opacity)
Font: Topaz
Lyrics: Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger

Thoughts: I'm pretty satisfied how this one turned out - Even though there is nakedness it's pretty sophisticated and not cheap looking (fanart instead of fanporn)