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01/31/2005 Entry: "OC art"

mood: Busy crazy
music: Franz Ferdinand - 'Darts of Pleasure'

Woah. Haven't updated the blog for ages. So some talk about one of my oldish OC pieces

Secret Garden (read more)

*sigh* And now back to building an EER-model and reading database management book. sleepy

Secret Garden

The art: wallpaper - 1024x768

History: This piece was inspired by all those thousands of romantic novels situetated into 18th century France that I used to read in my early teenage years. And because of those books I was actually originally planning of creating sort of masquerade orgy scene, but because I got too lazy I never got around adding masks. And the orgy gotta be arranged in this secret garden that only invitees know (my favourite book as little girl was The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett). And of course garden scenery in Mischa's photoshoot was just too gorgeus not to use.

Special blendmodes: I used lots of dark smoky layers in overlay mode to create this slightly frightening and mysteriously sexy feeling for the piece as mischa's photoshoot that I used as basis for background was very sunny and light colored.
Font: Trajanus Roman
Images: I think I got Mischa's garden photoshoot images from last-beautiful-girl.com, and Seth's and Ryan's body pics (from Annie Leibowitch's photos) as well as Summer's body image (from some Carmen Diaz photoshoot) are from bwgreyscale.com

Thoughts: This was crazy hard to make as only Mischa has her own body. Also placing all those bodies into the image was quite a handful (shadows aren't easy to create)

Notice btw how both Marissa and Summer are wearing these sinfully red dresses, which gives sort of sexy vibe for the piece. And of course reds also balance and contrast nicely with all the greenery of the background.

Oh, and why the hell I didn't give longer arms to Seth? Adam is a tall boy with long arms. The arm length in my wallpaper soooo wrong.