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07/12/2004 Entry: "It's all about blood"

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music: Kylie Minogue - More More More

Wallpaper stat updates:

Bloodsuckers (read more)

Baptism in Blood (read more)


The art: Bloodsuckers - 1024x768

I haven't any really good explanation for this wallpaper, as I just wanted to do something Xuffy and the idea sort of evolved when doing the piece.

Special blend modes: Burn for blood
Brushes: My own for some of the blood drops, although most of the blood was made by selecting and filling (tape is also made from scratch)
Filters: Gaussian blur (3), Sharpen, Xero's Tweaker
Font: Myriad Pro
Images: image is manipulation, in the original one there are DB and SMG. All people images are from the Cheese Stands Alone (buffy 1st season). Straw is from blood bag image

Nick has perfect vamp face for old black&white vampire movies and SMG is perfect vampire muse. So, Blooduckers coming soon in ghost theaters near you.

Baptism in Blood

The art: Baptism in Blood - 1024x768

History: I have lately made pieces in which Spike abuses Buffy, so I wanted for a change make a piece where Buffy is dominator and abuses Spike. Style tries to imitate Dafnap's style as I made the piece for Craww's imitation challenge.

Brushes: My own
Filters: Various PS filters and Xero's Tweaker
Font: Myriad
Images: No idea where I have got SMG and JM pics, but bodies for manipulations were found from allsexycelebs.com and from here.
Words: Just my own thought of the piece (Baptism in Blood) combined with probably ill remembered Angel episode quote

Keeping buffy dressed and Spike naked gives automatically more dominative role for Buffy. Also putting her to sit higher level (in the armchair) than Spike (on the floor) enhances that.