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06/13/2004 Entry: "Poa and OC angst"

mood: Satisfied satisfied
music: Blur - Oh Your Own (Crouch End Broadway Mix)

Two new wallpapers:

One Ryan/Marissa one from the O.C. :
Not Supposed To? (read more)

And Ron wallpaper inspired by Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:
Ron Weasley (read more)

Not Supposed to?

The art: Not Supposed to? - 1024x768


I have this manipulation of Ryan and Marissa on sofa for long time now. But got around only yesterday to turn it into wallpaper. but initially one could say that I was isnpired by the model scan that was just sooo angsty Marissa. Which lead to twisted tale in my mind: Marissa turns into drug addict and starts whoring Ryan as her pimp. And for some reason I always want to make art from the sickest scenarios. I really should make sometimes happy puppy kind of art.

filters: Xero's tweaker and some PSP's own ones
fonts: Arial and Arial black
Image: Ryan and Marissa ones probably from last-beautiful-girl.com No idea from where I got the model scan.

I don't usually do these kind of light bursty stuff. So, I'm pretty convinced that I have unconsciously ripped off someone's style, though not really able to say whose excatly. Anyway the piece isn't a master piece, but neither worst stuff.

Ron Weasley

The art: Ron Weasley - 1024x768

Saw PoA and the train dementor scene was just chilling and made me immediately wanting to make some fanart of the scene.

filters: Gaussian Blur, Eliminate
font: Harry P
screencaps: from OutNow (Ron and dementor). Have had raindrops stock photo that I used for creating ice quite long time on my HD, so can't remember where I got it.

Kinda simplistic wallpaper. I like it quite a lot even though it isn't very creative one. I'm especially satisfied how the ice turned out and all the beveling.