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06/09/2004 Entry: "Lusting legs and depressed Marissa"

mood: smile happy
music: HIM - Pretending

Woah it's ages since I updated the blog part of the site.

Wallpaper details:

Good Together

Cut It Away

Good Together

The art: Good Together - 1024x768

History: This is just an answer for Craww's Lusting Britneys fan art challege that was about making some fanous person to lust for himself/herself. I thought that as Kate B is so pretty she would totally prefer herself to anyone else and would be perfect subject to this challenge.


Font: Arial
Brushes: none
Filters: Xero's tweaker, psp's own
Special blend modes: blood red layer exclusion, then merged to give color, and ngative of that merged to give color
lyrics: Originally there was some lyrics fron The Doors' We Could Be So Good Together, but somehow I erased so much of them that all that was left was 'good together'

Thoughts: I'm really happy with the color scheme in this piece and also manipulation worked out pretty well. You can't see because of text, but yes Kate's leg is indeed brushing her other self's crotch. It's all about lusting legs... ;-)

Cut It Away

The art: Cut It Away - 1024x768

History: I just saw this picture NEROSCAN and it immediately gave the idea to a wall 'cause that pic is like prefect depressed Marissa pic.


Font: Arial Black
Brushes: My own
Filters: Xero's tweaker, eliminate white for making vodka bottle transparent and getting rid of pills background, and many psp's own - especially perspective filters for photos
Special blend modes: screen for white tears on black background,
images: neroscan.net, Absolut vodka bottle is from google image search, and pills from sxc.hu and Ryan/Marissa pics are from last-beautiful-girl.com
lyrics: Jackson Browne's Cut it Away

Thoughts: This one took me forever to do because of all the details, but I think it was worth it. Or at least I'm really happy with the result.

Inside stuff to notice:
*Big part of the wallpaper/tapestry on the left in the art piece is actually cloned. Took me forever to do that part as I wanted to keep pattern natural looking

*Original model's foot was a HUUUUUUUUGE so I had to scale it down a lot.

*Sad clone look was just a thing to which I was aiming.

*The vodka bottle's labe says OC vodka.