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04/25/2004 Entry: "Mmm...tasty!"

mood: Giddy hehe
music: Amel Larrieux - Get Up

Some wallpaper Information:
Lollipop Girl

Lollipop Girl

The art: Lollipop Girl - 1024x768

History: I wanted to do something funky and sexy and including lollipop. The initial idea was to make a spuffy wall, in which naughty school girl Buffy shamelessly seduces spike by licking lollipop... Yeah penis metaphor was intended. Then I just accidentally bumped to the scans of Melyssa Ford and the spuffy idea kinda disappeared and got replaced with single starrish idea.


Font: Snow Dream
Brushes: My own
Filters: Xero's Tweaker and PSP's own ones.

*Double manipulations are always fun and challenging to make. Notice how I matched in them lipsticks colors in both pics and lollipop.

*The second manipulation has some serious hair color issues - manipulating dark hair with blond hair - Big mistake! Should have just replaced dark hair totally with SMG's own hair instead.

*Didn't have patience for booty smallening and should have smallened even more the breasts. So, in that sense I'm a bit unhappy with the piece. But I like how it overally turned out.

*I spent way too much time for making page curl and lollipop.