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04/09/2004 Entry: "Finally an update"

mood: content satisfied
music: Bertine Zetliz - For Fun

Been lazy lately for updating. But finally got around adding two of my newest walls.

On Your Knees info

Blood Sugar Sex Magik info

Scream info

On Your Knees

The art: On Your Knees -1024x768
Jeansmx: That screams to the bondage girl within me!!
me:Bondage Baby!!!! Can I bond you? No, wait that was all wrong. I'll never be a good dominatrix. :-(
Jeansmx:Yes you don't ask to bond someone, you say: ON YOUR KNEES NOW BITCH!!!! hehe..
me:lol. I know. I just don't have that domination gene in me. *sigh* I guess, I have to now consider other carreer options... ;-) Is it wrong btw that I now want to make a fuffy bondage wall - buffy as dominatrix and faith as her slave girl?

filters: PSP's own, VM Natural's Splash! and VM Toolbox' Square Blur
Image: original image is probably published in Agent Provocateur. If I remember right I got the image from The Black Pit . I'll update some time this post with manipulation and original image (I'm atm at my parents' so don't have access to my files)

I made this one really quickly just as an answer for my sudden whim. It turned out pretty good regardless the short time it took me to do. Oh yeah, I'm so Jeansmx' slave

Blood Sugar Sex Magik

The art: Blood Sugar Sex Magik - 1024x768

History: I had urge to make manipulation, in which I applied make up. And when I was done with the manipulation the idea for the wall sort of just appeared to my mind.

*I used Christina Aguilera pic from here as a manipulation base
*lyrics or actually song name is From Red Hot Chilli Pepper's. I actually originally had more lyrics in the wall, but as I didn't got typography to work I settled in for song name.
*filters: PSP's own and Xero's Tweaker
*Font: Arial
*Brushes: my own (I used for blood drop that I put on the flower some image that I found from google)

*I wanted to express the twisted Spike/Buffy relationship more realistically - the mutual abuse and continuant violence in their relationship. The image just shows up the bruises that we really never saw in TV. The blood between Buffy's legs isn't hint about a rape (though you are free to interpret so if you want), but about lose of virginity - Although Buffy wasn't definitively a virgin in technical sense when getting into the relationship with Spike in many sexual game areas she still was a virgin. So Spike sort of broke her virginity in that sense.

*use of Calla Lily was intentional. Freud thought that it meant cunnilingus fixation...

*realistic bruising is damn hard to make.


The art: Scream

History: I wanted to do something really dark and something about screaming 'cause I had that day a feeling that if I started to scream I could probably never stop.

Fonts: Garamond and Morpheus
Quote: just my own thought
Brushes: my own
filters: just PSP's own
Screencaps: Buffyscreenshots.com

Thoughts: Negative space dude! Someway I was able resist of temptation and didn't fill the whole wall with images. Otherwise it's pretty tradional fan art piece but regardless of that I'm really happy with the composition.