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03/28/2004 Entry: "Wanna Fly Analysis"

mood: Content smile
music: Tatu - All the Things She Said

l o n g analysis of the 'Wanna Fly' wallpaper.

The art: Wanna Fly - 1024x768

The basic wall:: I was listenig suprnova.radio on Thursday evening and DJ Played some t.A.T.u.'s song, which made me remember the pretty, pretty scans of the girl duo on my harddrive (originally I first thought to do sort of oldskool fan art piece - you know type, in which little pics on are on one side and two big quite transparent face pics on other side.

I wanted the little pics make sort of vertical saw pattern that eye follows from down to up and only after that checks out the left side of the wallpaper. After I had, however, blended the little pics I decided that not do oldskool art after all, and decided instead to go with flying theme, because the climbing pic made me think of that they were climbing on the roof in order to spread their wings and fly away to some deserted island. So, I seacrhed my HD of angel pics and found (only bigger) this (originally from NEROSCAN). I thought that pic would give perfect subtle angelique look for the wall when just cropped to contain only wings and arm and then blended to white and then wings saturized with bluish colors to make them to look a bit like cloudy sky.

Typography: As I wanted to use tatu's own lyrics of instead of some other bands I had to do some concessions - I added totally out of the context lyrics of one of their songs. blush Typography as a whole took me forever to do, as I just couldn't just get it to look right for the wall. So, I finally just decided to go with boring Garamond and Cezanne as that combination of fonts almost always looks nice. I used a sky image as a fill for the letters to make them more fitting for the background and added some drop shadow to bring out more 'you&me' from the background.

Final touches: The wall was looking fine, but something was missing. So, I added two sea gulls to make amoureux flying getway theme more obvious. And after watching the wall a bit more decided to add also some very blu sky pattern to the top and bottom of the wall in order to give the wallpaper more shape.

Technical stuff:
Programs: PSP7 for wallpaper making, PS7 for jepg compression
Filters: several PSP's own and Xero's tweaker
Images: t.A.T.u. scans from The PlaCe.ru), stock images from stock.xchng
Brushes: my own

Thoughts of final result: I'm actually pretty content how the wall turned out. I wanted to do something eye pleasing and pretty and I think that the wall does that. But if I could change one thing in the wall now, I would probably switch smiling image at right upper corner to more serious one as it would better illustrate the longing for the flying away.