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Webmistress: Anna

All the graphics made by site owner (Anna) with Adobe Photoshop 7.

Site was created with PS7 and coding by hand (Notepad&TextPad).

The current layout was born from idea to use css as much as possible and its eight layout for Loathed Love. (If I don't count the ones that never came online).The font that I have used in header is called Trajan.

The site name 'Loathed Love' came to my mind from a quote: "Prodigious birth of love it is to me, that I must love a loathed enemy." The quote is from William Shakespeare's play 'Romeo & Juliette'.

Hmm... What's my site's purpose?

The site is meant to be my art collective as I used to have one site for fan art and other for non-fan art, but I never seemed to get around to update the non-fan art site. So, I thought to incorporate them to into one and same site.